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Based on the eponymous international bestseller by Richard Preston, The Hot Zone recounts the terrifying true story of the origins of the Ebola virus, a highly infectious, deadly virus from the central African rain forest and its first arrival on U.S. soil. In 1989, when this killer suddenly appears in chimpanzees in a scientific lab in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. — a stone's throw away from the White House — there is no known cure. A heroic U.S. Army veterinarian, working with a secret military SWAT team, puts herself in mortal peril when she tries to head off the outbreak before it spreads to the human population. The Hot Zone is a dramatic, hair-raising account of a rare and lethal virus and its impact on the human race.

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller

Start Date: May/27/2019

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Season 1

The Hot Zone Season 1, Episode 1: Arrival
The Hot Zone Season 1, Episode 2: Cell H
The Hot Zone Season 1, Episode 3: Charlie Foxtrot
The Hot Zone Season 1, Episode 4: Expendable
The Hot Zone Season 1, Episode 5: Quarantine
The Hot Zone Season 1, Episode 6: Hidden

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