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About the Show

The Weekly brings the unparalleled journalism of The New York Times to the screen for the first time. Each episode features a Times journalist investigating one of the most pressing issues of the day. With more than 1,550 journalists scattered across 160 countries, the Times produces 2,500 stories a week - investigative reports, political scoops, cultural dispatches. And each week, The Weekly chooses to tell one of these stories in a visual and unforgettable way.


Start Date: Jun/2/2019


Season 1

The Weekly Season 1, Episode 1: The Education of T.M. Landry
The Weekly Season 1, Episode 2: The Myth of the Medallion
The Weekly Season 1, Episode 3: Baby Constantin
The Weekly Season 1, Episode 4: Collision
The Weekly Season 1, Episode 5: Inauguration, Inc.

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